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The Educators and management at our services are constantly reviewing the centre's policies & practices to ensure we meet the current legislation requirements n the Early Childhood Field. Your input is welcomed and encouraged

Your child’s education and care, safety and development is of paramount importance to our team and we will encourage your child’s development in the following areas-

  • Fine Motor- development of hand and fingers and co-ordination
  • Gross Motor- development of whole body and limbs i.e. arms and legs
  • Language- development of expressive and receptive language including speech, pronunciation, sentences and wording, understanding and following instructions
  • Cognitive- development of memory, concentration and attention span
  • Social/ Emotional- development of relationships with peers and adults, character building and understanding self expression, expressing emotions.

Development occurs when educators work together with the children to explore and extend interests and knowledge and in using these ideas our curriculum is formed. Interests and needs are also used as a basis for planning an appropriate and personalised toddler / preschooler educational programs for each child attending our family centres, we work as a team with each family to ensure the highest level of quality child care is achieved..  


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